Throw Back Thursday: Michael at 9 months (#TBT)

8:05 AM

I love TBT on Instagram. Perhaps because I get a chance to go back through archives of endless pictures and pick one to share that people may not have seen. On Facebook, however, I saw a friend say, "If you didn't get the pictures developed at Walmart, I'm not sure I'm ok with #tbt."

Perhaps a valid point, perhaps not. I feel like it completely depends. I mean, why should all my throw backs have to be when I was 18 and younger? I feel like even the tiniest throw back with Michael can make me tear up, or thinking about marriage before the baby, or when Clark and I were dating... the back-tracking continues.

Anyway, since I have such a love for it-- I thought I'd start sharing on here!

This is Michael last June during one of his first real romps in the grass, wearing one of Dada's old hats (backwards, of course)!

What's your opinion of #tbt? Share a link if you have one on your site!

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  1. Well for more and more of us, we hardly even had a chance to get pictures taken with real film! I was 11 when my family got our first digital camera, so I'd definitely say that digital pictures can be a throwback!

  2. I love TBT and getting to peek into friends' childhoods, or even memories as recent as college. But I think you make a great point--it's not jussst about back in the day! :)