Friday's Letters

9:07 AM

I honestly got my days all jumbled this week. I thought yesterday was Wednesday (which is why I didn't do a #TBT), and thought today I'd be sharing an old picture with you. Well, Friday is much better than Thursday for those of you who work, so TGIF!

Dear June, It's amazing to me that you are nearly at an end. With all your ups and downs, you've been pretty awesome in the activity department. We've had playdates, visits, and overall just a wonderful time. Could you pass the word to July to be just as fun, and maybe just a tad bit easier in the areas that weren't so easy?

Dear House, As much as I love our neighborhood, I'm getting the itch to move. I know you love Michael running around and giving you a sense of being young and having someone young to play with... but boy does it exhaust this mommy. I would personally love a fenced in yard and a dishwasher, but those are minor problems compared to many, I know. Still, if you could give our surrounding situations a nudge, I'd greatly appreciate it! P.S. I totally had you clean for at least a solid 12 hours. Remember that.

Dear Michael, In case the picture for the "house" didn't give you a clue, you need a haircut. We've had so much fun playing outside with your new and old toys, and just having a good time. But every time it gets too hot your hair starts to stick and curl. While it's adorable, it's now making its way into your eyes. I promised your dada I wouldn't cut it... but the temptation is getting to the point where I almost can't bear it. Just a trim. Just a little, itty-bitty trim....

Dear Readers, VOTE FOR MICHAEL!! The great thing is you can vote from multiple devices: iPod, iPad, smartphone, computer.... Please support Michael! You guys are awesome. Have a great weekend!

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