Friday's Letters

6:00 AM

This has been a week for the books. It feels like it's been going since last Thursday. Granted, we've "stopped" since then a couple of times... but when Clark is home, time just runs together. It's wonderful and almost sad at the same time.

Dear Michael, I'm sorry for getting upset when the only person you want is Dada. It should make me SO HAPPY that you love your Dada (and it does), but I selfishly get hurt feelings when he comes home and you want nothing to do with me. You'd think the break would do me some good, but honestly it just makes me appreciate all our wonderful together-time. Don't get me wrong. I want your Daddy home. I will just be one happy camper when it's a little more of a consistent/normal schedule... someday.

We had so much fun celebrating your birthday ALL. WEEK. Going apple picking, going to see Planes, and the plan to go to the fair today... it has just been awesome.

Dear Friends, Forgive me for going MIA whenever the hubby is home. We try to squeeze so much quality family time in that my phone tends to be forgotten and the internet abandoned (except for work). I appreciate your patience and love, and I hope you don't think of me as a fare-weather-friend.

Dear Cold, Please go away. This is referring to HAVING a cold, not cold weather. I am over being sick and not being able to breathe. You've made life a bit difficult. So... if you could just be done with... I'd appreciate it.

Have a happy weekend, my friends! Here are some things you have to look forward to.

Michael's Birthday, in review.

Beer Bread.

#TBT: Yummy Corn.

PS-- just realized it's Friday the 13th. Weird.

The idea for this post came from Ashley over at The Sweet Season.

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