Egg "Muffins"

7:00 AM

Super easy, healthy, and delicious. I've started making these whenever I can and storing them in the fridge. We usually eat them within a couple of days. I haven't tried freezing them (and not sure how I would go about that, since I'm awful at freezing anything other than soups).

This is an easy way to have breakfast to go or easy to warm up for your family (or just you if you're an on-the-go sort of person)!


- Eggs
- Cheese
- Salt & Pepper
- Veggies of your choosing
- Anything else you may like in your eggs


- Preheat your oven to 350.

- Whisk your eggs (or just egg whites). Add cheese, if desired, as well as salt & pepper.
- Pour about 2 tbsp of egg into each mini muffin tin (I have not tried a regular muffin tin yet).

- Mix veggies/meat of your choosing into each tin.
- Cook for 7 to 12 minutes (depending on your oven).

- Remove and serve immediately, or refrigerate until you wish to have them. To reheat, stick in microwave for five to 15 seconds (again, depending on your microwave).

Super easy and delicious!

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  1. Maile would love these! And I wouldn't have an excuse for getting zero protein into my body when Tim is gone, if we had these in the freezer.

  2. Oh my gosh, I saw these on Pinterest, I really want to try them. My son might even enjoy them

  3. They are seriously so easy! It's one of the first ways I got Michael to eat eggs, actually.