Guest Post: Mama & Michael Style

8:37 AM

Hello again, Newfangled readers! I'm so excited to be a guest here again. My name is Katie, and I blog over at Standpipe & Sprinkles. For this post, Emily specifically requested a style board that included a plum-hued wrap dress ... I'm happy to say that I was able to accommodate that request -- and with a budget friendly frock, too!


For Mama: 1. Hello, cute Old Navy Long-Sleeved Wrap Dress! $32.94 || 2. HUE Opaque Tights, $13.50. Legwear genius. || 3. Kanne Boots, by Blowfish Shoes, $109. Fancy. || 4. Tea Leaf Infinity Scarf, by Practical Impact, $34. Darling. || 5. Sweet Colorful Leather Wrap Gold Bangle Bracelet, by Showrist, $15.

For Michael: 6. Old Navy Plaid Shirt, $14.94. || 7. Cherokee Jeans, $12. Target has the best baby clothes! || 8. smartfit Laceless Rio, $14.99 || 9. The Yellow One, by objecta, $30.49. I love it.

What are your favorite budget-friendly brands for mama and baby?



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  1. Super cute dress! Though honestly, that would be the only thing I could afford (and barely). Everything else is waaaay too expensive. Could you do a more budget friendly board next time? I know I would appreciate it and the other ladies I know would too. They can't afford a scarf that costs more than their dress either.

    1. They there, Nikki! I'm so sorry I'm just seeing this comment.

      I'm just putting the finishing touches on a board for December.

      I try really hard to put together a "perfect storm" of pieces that are both budget-friendly and made to last. Think of a style board as inspiration, like a virtual version of the magazine collages you probably did in high school (I know I did!) ... I never want to feature pieces that I don't feel would be of good quality, and it's important that they have lasting links, too. (This is why I try to stay away from Forever 21 for these things, for example, because their online turnover rate is so quick.)

      Often, its much easier to find well-made pieces, at good prices, locally, where you can shop sales, or even thrift stores. We thrift almost 100% of our Maile's wardrobe! The internet is a little bit harder when it comes to those types of finds.

      All that being said, I will absolutely keep your comment in mind, and try to take the prices down a notch for the next board ... after December ... which I've already finished. ;)