Friday's Letters

6:00 AM

I decided for 2013 this is something I really wanted to take part in. It's a way to share certain thoughts that maybe don't get whole blog posts, or review things that are on my mind in one post. Whatever way you look at it, it's another way to get personal with y'all. And I love that.

Dear 2013, I am so excited for you. We're on Day [4] and already I just have wonderful feelings about your potential. Maybe this is a "hangover" from the fresh start you have offered, but I intend to seize the feeling and hold on to it for all [361] days that I have left of you. I have so many things I want to accomplish and work on, but ultimately it comes down to just living and enjoying you.

Dear Friends, There are a few of you who I have become so close to, or closer to, as of late. I cannot tell you what this means to me. Clark's new job has added a great amount of stress (although I am so thankful for it) and you help relieve it. Your encouragement and companionship mean the world to me. Thank you.

Dear Journal, I promise to revisit you soon. Sometimes I think I avoid you in fear that I have nothing *substantial* to write, but I should know by now that writing isn't about making things pretty or perfect, it's about writing in my unique voice.

Dear Sweets, I'm very ready to be at the point where I can pass you by without a second thought. Chocolate, candies, baked goods, carbs (in general)... you are constantly at the forefront of my mind. I'm doing my very best to confront you and turn my cravings towards God, but it seems this journey is a lot harder than I anticipated. Please help me out by staying away, or at least somehow start tasting like something gross so I don't want you so badly.

Dear Blog, I must admit I have high hopes for you this coming year. There are many times that I get down because I've been writing for around two years and still don't even have 50 followers, but I'm working on reminding myself that I started you for me. You are a way to keep track of my life and day-to-day projects that I may want to look back on in the future. You are a witness to my life, in a sense. Whether there are 35 followers (who I am so grateful for) or 350, I am going to continue to write.

The idea for this post came from Ashley, of The Sweet Season.

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  1. If only candy would start tasting bad--that would make life easier! But that wouldn't be as good for character-building, either. Oh well...
    Don't let the followers thing get you down. As long as you write posts that YOU enjoy reading, that's the best part of blogging already!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Rachel! And thank you for becoming a follower :). I hope you enjoy what you find here!