M.I.C.: Just Ten Days

6:00 AM

Clark was home. It was a bit surreal. We had just enough time to get used to having the other around before he had to leave for M.C.T. (Marine Combat Training... I believe). We had ten days.

Initially we were supposed to go to Hawaii with his family. When we went over the flight information, however, we realized there was a slight chance we would be back late the day he had to report. Plus him having to adjust to the time change... it just wasn't responsible. We were twenty years old and did the responsible thing-- we told his parents we couldn't go to Hawaii. They weren't very happy, needless to say. It was understandable. They did, after all, buy our tickets and were planning on paying for everything while we were there... but we just couldn't do it. We had to find a place to live, had no one to look after the animals, and there were things that Clark needed to take care of before his next step of training.

This decision making all happened on our drive home from his graduation. No joke. We pulled over in a parking lot at one point to talk, because we were supposed to fly out the next day. We had to decide. It was exhausting, and poor Clark just wanted rest, but it had to be done.

The next morning I was rather mean, I have to admit. I woke up early, as I always do, and there was Clark sound asleep next to me. I snuck out of bed, turned on the light, and just yelled, "GET UP!" My husband rolled out of bed and started running for the bathroom to get ready... before he realized that he was, in fact, home and not at bootcamp anymore. This did, however, get him up and we got to enjoy a breakfast together. However, I DO NOT recommend it.

We spent the ten days shopping, celebrating, and apartment-hunting. Looking back on it, it's rather difficult to remember just exactly how everything played out. We were so engaged with the other that little else seemed to matter (except, of course, what needed to matter).

We successfully found an apartment-- a condo fifteen minutes from campus that would come to be home for the next 2.5 years.

We went hiking. We celebrated Independence Day with a picnic and fireworks, something that is now a tradition.

We got Clark things he needed, we spoiled one another... we just enjoyed being together. We didn't need Hawaii to do that. After thirteen weeks of separation, it was just wonderful to have him home.

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  1. Girl! You look like such a model in that last pic! Work it!