Firefighter in the Making

6:00 AM

When we visited my parents in August for some down time while Clark was working, Michael's Fire Truck obsession was fed when he was gifted a fireman outfit and got to visit the local fire station, thanks to my parents having connections at my dad's church.

Well for the past two weeks, it's been ALL about fire trucks. Sometimes this obsession dies down and we move on to other things, but for some reason it hasn't ceased. Michael wants to watch this YouTube video over and over and over again of fire trucks respond (scroll to the bottom to get a taste of what I deal with daily). Once more, he likes to go around the house looking like this.

I know he's only two, and there are many years ahead, but I love this little career-associated-obsession of his. If he grows up to be a fire fighter, I won't be surprised.

What things do your "little adults" love?

Oh... here's that video. WARNING: If your kid loves sirens, proceed with caution.

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  1. So cute!! That first photo of him with all the firefighter gear is adorable. My nephew (who is almost 3) is obsessed with firetrucks. They live right down the street from the firestation. Needless to say, they have to take daily walks to see it. Haha

    1. Whenever we go to the post office we HAVE to see the firetrucks because they're right across the street. Maybe it's a boy thing, haha.