Warm Butterbeer

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Last year on Halloween I posted a recipe for cool Butterbeer (which is also delicious). However, when reading the books again, I couldn't help but notice that whenever they visit The Three Broomsticks it talks about how warm the Butterbeer is. Although in other moments of the books they produce bottled Butterbeer (which I imagine to be cold), I began to think that it was a sort of hot chocolate drink when they enjoyed it in Hogsmeade.

Most of the recipes I came across simply said to make it like my other recipe (with cream soda), and heat it... but this didn't seem good enough to me. I wanted to create something entirely new. Then I stumbled across this recipe, did some molding, and came up with a new one!

(serves four)

- 8 C Milk
- 8 tbsp Butterscotch syrup (like you would use for ice cream)
- 8 tsp Imitation butter
*Optional: six to eight drops of yellow food coloring*

- 1.5 C heavy whipping cream
- 4 tbsp sugar
- 2 tsp butterscotch syrup
- 1 tbsp imitation butter


- In a pan over medium heat, stir your milk, syrup, and imitation butter until well heated (as you would hot chocolate).
- For the foam, whip your cream, sugar, syrup, and imitation butter together for around five minutes until soft peaks begin to form and it takes on the texture of cool whip/whipped cream.
- Move your milk mixture to your serving mugs, top with your foam, and enjoy some warm Butterbeer on an autumn evening with your favorite Harry Potter book or movie.

What's up next, you ask? Let's just say it involves chocolate.

Oh, and if you want some Harry Potter proposal ideas (or a funny little read), follow this link!

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  1. Actually, beer in the UK is traditionally served warm, or least that's what I've been told. So if butterbeer is like the wizarding equivalent of Muggle beer, I'd assume it is also served warm and not chilled. I think the chilled butterbeer is exclusive to the theme park because warm butterbeer wouldn't really work during the hot summer months in Florida.
    Also, a whole month of Harry Potter? You're doing it right!