Halloween Review

6:00 AM

Halloween was one fun day in our house. It was the first full day Dada was home, which meant Michael was up and about (refusing to nap, of course) and just loving helping/playing with his daddy.

He had a lot of fun trick-or-treating. He kept saying, "Trick or treat, candy please!" It was more of one sentence stringing together as a demand, not a request. We'll have to work on that. The first house had mini Hershey bars, and somehow Michael knew immediately that it was "chocate", so every time we stopped or he thought we weren't looking he was trying to dig through his blue pumpkin to get it out and eat it.

The poor little guy tuckered out after only five houses or so because he hadn't napped. Two minutes in to our car ride home (we drove to a friend's neighborhood for a nice group of little ones to go together) he fell asleep. I did, however, give him a piece of that chocolate bar he had wanted so badly before he fell asleep. I mean, it was Halloween. He had to have a little pieces of his labor, right? I won't say we raided his candy when we got home, but I won't say we didn't either.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! What was your favorite candy win... that your child ate, of course?

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