Sick House

6:00 AM

Picture taken on Saturday by one of my dear friends who watched Michael while Clark and I had an outing.

Saturday our noses started running. Sunday we were sneezing. By yesterday it was a full-out cold: runny nose, a few scattered sneezes, coughing... everything except fevers.

I think the common-cold is tied with the stomach-flu in my book. There's isn't anything you can really do except wait it out, and it doesn't make for easy days. Never mind that my house has clean piles of laundry everywhere (which will have to be rewashed) or that the sink is almost close to full of dirty dishes, I have no energy. Michael and I are content cozied up watching movies, having picnics in the living room which consist of goldfish and homemade chicken stew, and trying to get rid of this nasty bug.

Does anyone else suddenly realize everything that has to be done when they're sick? I'm that way. As soon as I feel like I have no energy to do anything, I discover that I haven't done anything when I did and get overwhelmed feeling like I need to do everything. The list above is just a taste of the disastrous state our house is in. If I could, I'd hire a maid right now. I'm certain she'd do a better job than me, and I wouldn't have to worry about doing it myself when I'm weighed down with this annoying cold. Still, the dog hair had to be vacuumed and things needed to be dusted. After all, that could be contributing to our sickness... right?

Last time Clark left we got sick, too. I'm thinking this is a sign that he needs to be home more, what do you think?

If nothing else, this gave me an excuse to make my mom's chicken stew recipe, which is definitely my comfort food and, in my opinion, the personal-cure-all-sickness-recipe. Have to admit, I still miss my mommy the most when I'm sick.

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