Friday's Letters

6:00 AM

I can't believe this week is over. Seriously. It went by so quickly and without much thought that I have to connect the dots to remember our days. I've been rather tired, and we've really just been taking it easy after some let-downs and stress, so maybe that's why? Can y'all believe next week is Thanksgiving?

Like how I slipped that "y'all" in there?

Forgive the quality. iPhone pic!
Dear Michael, Bless you for being a ray of sunshine this week. Mama was not at her best, and anytime I may have let some emotions flow in the form of tears, you offered support, love, and lots of hugs and kisses. You are the sweetest little boy anyone could hope for, and I'm so thankful I helped bring you into this world.

Dear Weather, You may think it's too early, but I want snow. As much snow as you can give us before Christmas would be greatly appreciated. There is the possibility that I won't be seeing much of it soon, and I want us to get to enjoy it as much as possible.

Dear Scrooges, It is never too early for Christmas. I used to be of the mindset that it all had to wait until after Thanksgiving, but every year I find myself more and more excited for the season, and remind myself that every day is Christmas because I have Christ in my heart. So those of you who don't like the decorations going up and the music already playing, please keep your BAH HUMBUGS to yourself... and remember I still love you, regardless.

P.S. There are things to look forward to this upcoming week, I'm just photo-less at the moment! Except a yummy recipe, a guest post, and a special thankful thursday for Thanksgiving!

Don't you wish we could all be as happy as Michael? He's saying, "I'm singing!"

The idea for this post came from Ashley over at The Sweet Season.

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