Disastrous Pumpkin Pie

3:38 PM

This evening Clark and I have been invited to our friend's, Jessica and Zach's, apartment for a mini-Thanksgiving. While I am thoroughly excited, and even more over joyed because I was let out of class early, I am starting to get discouraged.

The initial plan had been to make a pumpkin pie. Then, when I woke up this morning and realized I hadn't bought supplies, I decided I'd cheat and simply buy Pepperidge Farm Apple Turnovers for a substitute dessert. However, as mentioned before, I was let out of class early. This presented a solution: I would have time to cook my favorite, easy, pumpkin pie.

Another thing that played into the plan perfectly was that Clark was let off of work early. Not only did this mean he could take the car to get the oil changed, giving me more time to cook this said pie, but he would have time to go to the store for me before I got home. That way, all I would have to do is quickly whisk the pie together and put it in the oven. This, once again, would leave me with even more time and I would be able to cook my favorite asparagus, also, instead of just having to bring along canned green beans (yuck).

So, I met Clark at the mall where we exchanged keys, he took the car to get the oil changed, and I took the van with the needed groceries home. I got here and made a quick phone call to my dad while putting together my easy pumpkin pie.

After realizing that both of the pie crusts (yes, I did cheat in that way) Clark had bought were broken, I shrugged and poured the mixture into the crust and carefully placed it in the oven (still on the phone). Within about ten minutes, our dog Luna began to whine, because something smelled like it was burning. I asked my father if I could call him back.

Because the pie crust was broken, the filling began to spill over the edge just in that ONE spot. I thought rather quickly, thank goodness, and put the other pie crust that I had next to the filled pie to stop the running.

(And, yes, that burned mess you see on the bottom of my oven-- is, in fact, pumpkin. Gross.)

Now, however, instead of bringing a perfect pumpkin pie and posting a blog pertaining to my cheating-but-still-yummy-pie, I am posting a blog on the disaster that is going to be our dessert for the evening.

Yes, I realize that I did fill the pie crust a bit much. I tend to be a person who likes a lot of filling with pies-- and that definitely includes pumpkin pie. Had the crust not been broken, it would not have been a problem. Perhaps I should have foreseen this, knowing that the crust was broken, but I think I had a little too much confidence in my cooking abilities. Especially due to the fact that I was making a cheating-but-still-yummy-pie.

Note to self: don't cheat on dessert. It only leads to disaster.

Hopefully the asparagus turns out better.

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