The Madness that is Black Friday

6:42 AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As always, the food takes over everyone and tends to leave them feeling nostalgic for at least a day or two. That isn't an option today, however, because I have been rounded up into the madness that is Black Friday.

We're getting a late start. It's 6:44 am... and we're getting a late start. There are some people who stay up and go out at 12am to get some shopping done. I guess it depends on the stores you're going to.

Last year, I was working at a Calvin Klein outlet and had to work a shift from 12am to 10am. No, it wasn't pleasant. Let me tell you: people go CRAZY. That's not an exaggeration. Our sales were not much better than they typically were and yet we had the largest crowd, or at least one of the largest crowds, I had ever experienced within my time at that store. They come in shifts. From 12am to 3am it was constant movement. I never left the cash register. Then, from 3am to 6am it was slow and we were all nearly falling over, trying to keep our eyelids open. From 6am to 10am it was busy again. I was informed that the rest of the day moved in shifts, too. I wouldn't know. I didn't get any shopping done that year. I just went straight to sleep after working. Wouldn't you?

My husband has already left today. Now, normally Clark is not that way. He'll sleep in and hope that some of the good stuff is left over and not be too worried. In fact, I don't think there's been a Black Friday shopping spree that has been initiated by him in our years together. Ever. This year is different. He's headed to Lowe's and Best Buy in hopes of finding some good stuff. He's also going to Lowe's for my mom in hopes to get a fireplace screen that we can use tonight after putting up the Christmas tree. Apparently it's actually supposed to be cold in Georgia tonight.

I'll let you know how shopping goes. My mom and I are only venturing to Target, so I can't say we're taking any daring risks. Although that Target commercial about the woman preparing for the sale is pretty intense, I can promise you that's not how we are. We're just trying to go to get some nice Christmas stuff. I just want a picture frame or two. So why are we going this early? Well, my mom and I are morning women, to be fair. Besides, if we went any later the crowds would be overwhelming. For all we know they still will be.

For those of you who ventured out earlier than me, I salute you. Happy Black Friday.

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