1:01 PM

Laundry is one of my biggest vices. I'll spend the entire week doing a load here, or a load there, and then discover another heaping pile of laundry... only, it's clean.

Yes, it's true. I'm dreadful when it comes to folding things. It ends up getting to a point where I feel as though I should re-wash everything, only I know that would lead to the same problem as before.

Therefore, I've decided that multiple laundry hampers are the way to go. For those of you who beat me to this obvious discovery, I applaud you. If only I could find a way to truly label the hampers, then I wouldn't be as confused, and perhaps would be more motivated to fold accordingly... or less motivated.

This lovely hamper set is found at the "I-Have-Everything-Store" often known as Target. It's $39.99 and seems like it may be a reasonable solution to the problem I have, and can only hope others have as well.

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