Mini-Thanksgiving Success

8:29 AM

While the pumpkin pie did not turn out as planned, nor, in the end, did the asparagus-- the mini-Thanksgiving was still a success. It goes to show that friends, food, and fun will out weight just about any kitchen disaster.

First, I learned that pumpkin pie should not be filled to the rim-- especially if it's missing part of the pre-made crust.

Second, I learned that with my favorite asparagus I should not use 2-3 TBLSP of Olive Oil, nor should I cook it for the full 15 minutes. I was testing the recipe I had written down, and thank goodness I did. I promise to post it once it has been perfected.

Third, I learned that get-togethers work out much nicer if the boys do their thing and the girls do their thing.

Lastly, I learned that the evening always comes to a nice close if everyone does something together (and if I win the game *wink wink*).

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