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This blog is dedicated to all those women who like being housewives in this day and age. The definition of 'housewife' has changed immensely since it first came into existence. According to, a housewife is "a married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation." Well, there are many women today who do this and more.

The 'Newfangled Housewife' is one who chooses family first and career second. These women manage to do it all: take care of the kids (even if they're only of the furry sort), cook (as much as possible), clean (even if it's only done on rare occasion), balance relationships (between the hubby, the girlfriends, the in-laws, and more), and manage to make her dreams come true (no matter what they are).

Some women may say that being a mother, a wife, and so forth is giving into sexual stereotypes. Well, I say women have the right to choose, and therefore that can mean choose a career from the home or outside of the home. Women should have the ability to go out and seize the world, even if that means doing it as a wife and mother and "no more than that."

'The Newfangled Housewife' is a classic woman with a modern twist. Enjoy all the tricks, treats, and tips this blog has to offer!

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