Welcome Home

7:18 AM

It is a strange thing to return home after a brief vacation. Even if the time was short, holidays always make things seem as though they were an eternity.

I always miss our animals when we're away and cannot bring them with us. It seems that they also start to miss us more and more, especially if we go on consecutive trips. In August when we went on a trip for an entire week, Luna ripped blankets, boots, and even the lining of our hand-me-down couch to shreds.

Luckily there was no damage this time.

Walking in our front door I realized what a disaster I left our house in and it makes me pity poor Jessica who watches over things while we're away.

Not only that, but it makes me pity myself (cue violin, please), especially since I'm ready to prepare our house for Christmas as we helped prepare my parents do. This means more time applied to cleaning and less time available for decorating.

This week is going to be rough.

School is in its final week for me, which means exams are only a week away.

Christmas needs to be remembered and present-shopping needs to be done.

Oh, yes. I'm that far behind. I admire those of you who have finished your Christmas shopping already. Normally I am done extraordinarily early, but this year I have just failed miserably.

So, cleaning, school, shopping, cooking... yep. I'm definitely home.

I promise to post a recipe and Christmas Tree special later this evening!

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