Rockin' around the Christmas tree

9:19 AM

Yesterday the family Christmas tree went up. It was a long expedition. My parents put up a fake tree, and this year discovered that the tree they've had for nearly 15 years is too large for their military housing. So, after venturing into the madness that is Black Friday, we had to venture out again to buy a new, fake Christmas tree.

We went to Target and the one my mom wanted was sold out. We then proceeded to Lowe's and our trip was finally successful. We found a fake tree, not pre-lit, that will be used this year to fit into the space that is appropriate for the Christmas tree.

Then, however, there was still the debate on where to set up the tree. Emotions were high as we discovered that it was still too large for the space that was "perfect." After many moves and fits from all members of the family, the tree was erected,


and decorated.

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