Christmas Tree Hunting

8:04 AM

It is now a tradition of ours to go hunting for a real Christmas tree. You may remember this from last year's post, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I gave in. Although I grew up with a fake tree, there is nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree. Plus, the memories you get looking for a different tree every year are priceless...

We did figure out, that people who buy Christmas trees can spend as little as $4,000 on them over a span of 50 years or so. Isn't that crazy? That was a lower-priced tree, too. I'm sure as you get older they only get bigger... that is, if you move up from a smaller place to a larger living space.

Michael, over all, enjoyed himself. He was a bit upset that we didn't get a Christmas tree his size, but once we got home and started decorating the big tree he quickly recovered.

Last, but not least, Michael got to meet Santa. By the end of this trip he was in a bit of a mood, so the look was rather priceless. Once we got home, he suddenly decided he was obsessed with Santa and Reindeer. Need I tell you how many times we read "The Night Before Christmas"? I think we need to get this baby a copy of The Nativity Story.

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  1. Awww, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

    I'm envious; it stinks being allergic to the real thing!

    1. I told Clark if we ever live closer to you guys we'll have go back to having a fake one ;).

  2. so fun! looks like a great time!

    1. It really was, Helene! Thanks for the comment :).