Coffee Cup Love

11:07 AM

OK, so I was trying to come up with a way to tie this to Christmas. After all, Coffee Cup Love (or Mug Love) isn't exactly a seasonal subject... but then again it is.

Every Christmas season, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble come out with Christmas mugs. Whether it's their own design, Grinch-themed ones, Charlie Brown, Scrooge... the list goes on. And every year I say no. No... I have ENOUGH mugs. I mean... I have a bit of an obsession really. After all, what fun is it to offer someone just a plain coffee mug? It's much more fun to give them one with "personality".

Yes... and that's not even ALL of them. There are still the ones I bought Clark. (Yes, I have impressed my obsession on to him. Isn't that part of marriage?) And my "standard" mugs, and my travel mugs... you get the idea.

So, this year Starbucks has a "Night Before Christmas" type line you can find at Barnes and Noble. It's probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. There are matching napkins (that you can see in this post) and a Santa-Cookie set that comes with a plate and matching mug to set out with milk and cookies, right? Most adorable thing EVER.

But... I stayed strong. I walked away.

Luckily, my hubby loves me, and he did not. He bought me the napkins and the dove mug, because it was the one I liked the most. So, I now have one seasonal coffee cup (as you can see, I used it this morning).

Do you have any "obsessions" or "loves" that are amplified this time of year?

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  1. Love your mug! My obsession this time of year is cardinals. If it has a cardinal on it I am in agony if I have to walk away from it lol.

    1. I saw some ADORABLE cardinal things at Target this year! BE AWARE ;)!

  2. Haha! Did you know I collect mugs? I had no idea you loved mugs too!