Stocking Stuffers for the Hubby

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I've always been pretty awful at picking things out for Clark's stocking. Granted, Clark's super hard to shop for. One year I was so desperate I wrapped up a dozen pairs of socks in a box. I just didn't know what to get him!

I love stockings. Christmas morning it's the first thing we always did with the family, and it was just exciting. The first taste of what our Christmas morning was going to be like. If Mom wasn't done in the kitchen, we'd do stockings and then some breakfast (yummmmmy Cinnamon Rolls) and go back to presents. Just perfect.

So, stockings are a big deal to me. I've come up with the top ten stocking stuffers for men. Of course, if you don't have someone who's hard to shop for, then do what you do. But I think these are pretty much easy-staple-stocking-stuffers.

1. Favorite Cologne
I know this can fall under a perfect gift, not necessarily stocking stuffer. I just think it's nice for your hubby to get some smelly-goodness for Christmas. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to get his favorite cologne or your favorite smell. Sense of smell is one of the number one ties to memory... so if you feel like reminiscing to "older days", picking out a scent that reminds you of that is perfect.

2. "Beauty Products"
If you don't have a man who cares too much for his personal hygiene, this may not be the way to go. However, a nice face wash, hair gel, new razor and shaving cream, or something that makes your husband "feel pretty" is a nice thought. Attach a note to face wash, "So we can dance cheek-to-cheek", or his razor, "I love when your face is silky-smooth"... OK... cheesy... but I love cheesy.

3. Daily "Extras"
This means: phone case, wallet, money clip, key chain, gum, mints... things that he has with him on a regular basis or accessories to compliment them.

4. Trip down memory lane...
Miniature Army men, Swiss Army pocket knife, mini Nerf gun, race cars, cards, silly putty... things that will make him smile that he may have mentioned he loved as a kid.

5. Something Extra
Bottle opener, flask, mini bottles of his favorite drink, cigars, etc. A little something extra that he may not get on a regular basis, or something that he does that he may need more of.

6. Collector?
Perhaps your husband collects something (shot glasses, stamps, campaign buttons, ties, cufflinks)-- this is perfect. Never think it isn't thoughtful to add to his collection-- it is.

7. Socks, Boxers, Tees, oh my!
Like I said, I wrapped up a box of socks. I am not against slipping needs in with Christmas gifts. If your man has socks full of holes but refuses to part with them or get new ones (I speak from experience), slip some into that man's stocking! It could be a, "Haha very funny sweetie" moment or a, "I really did need some socks" type of deal!

8. Fast Food Gift Cards
If your man is working and always on the go, perhaps he'd enjoy a gift card to his favorite restaurant or coffee place. I would make a point to make Clark's lunch when he was working close to home, so getting fast food would really be a treat. Putting gift cards in there makes it easy and allows your man to feel spoiled!

9. Food
Favorite Candy, specialty sauce (mustard, salsa, spreads), beef jerky, sunflower seeds... this list could go on and on. You cannot tell me there isn't something that your man loves to munch on. Fill up his stocking with it!

10. Ooo-la-las
I don't think I need to completely elaborate on this one. Spice up your love life by giving him a sneak peak into something his future could hold, whether it be for you or for him. If there are prying eyes, use your imagination and make it suggestive rather than in-your-face-"ew"-gross-mommy-and-daddy-moment.

For more ideas check out The Life of Lulu Belle's list of 50 stocking stuffers for men!

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  1. Those are some great ideas and there are some ideas that I need to follow too. I have never thought of buying something like this and now I know how to make my partner happy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope some of these ideas work for you.