Coffee Addiction

6:12 AM

I have recently discovered that I, once again, have a coffee addiction. No, this is not a way of me confessing that I get Starbucks every morning or stop at our local coffee shop (or one of many) and get a fancy cup of joe every morning. Nope, this isn't one of those blogs. This is a blog written by one with a massive headache and all because she skipped that blissful cup of coffee one morning. This is someone realizing what a horrible mistake she made.

Yes, my head is pounding.

No, I did not get any sleep.

Yes, I do have an exam at 9am this morning.

No, I did not study enough.

Yes, I am waiting on my brewing coffee as I type this blog.

No, I did not have any coffee yesterday.

Yesterday morning I was in a hurry. I got up, made Clark's lunch, wrapped a present for a friend, did some last minute preparation for Early American Literature, and left earlier than scheduled to meet my friend Keegan to help her study. On the first trip, I forgot my binder on the kitchen counter. I turned around and retrieved it. On the second trip, I realized the neatly wrapped present and my to-go cup of Early Gray Tea were still on the kitchen counter. I didn't turn around again. I was late already.

So, I get to campus two hours earlier than my exam and meet Keegan at the library. She decides she needs coffee, and I decide since I;m yawning I should probably get something. Did I get coffee? No, not real coffee. I got a skinny Chai Lattee. Not enough caffeine in that to save me from what was to come.

So, the exam passes and we're feeling pretty confident. I got my first paper back that my professor initially lost and found a wonderful 98% written on the bottom of the last page. I was feeling pretty good. After spending time with Keegan, I went to meet my friend Kelsey to work on our Oral Interpretation piece.

This is when my head started to feel like it was eventually going to explode. You know, when your shoulders are tense and your temples began to sink in so they feel like they're beating against your eye sockets. That kind of feeling? Then it slowly moves to behind your forehead and you're forced to continuously beat your head against something in an attempt to make it feel better....

Yes, that's what was going in with my head.

So, I did my best. Kelsey and I met Clark for an early dinner at Panera and then returned to campus to meet our other group mate, Callie, to practice and do some final revision. Within that time, Clark called and we realized that I had forgotten to hand off the house key to him... which was the reason we had met for dinner in the first place.

Cue more stress.

Cue worse headache.

After finishing up with my group I headed home and had to call Clark (who was hanging out at his other job) to come home and all that jazz. Within the time of driving home in the dark and getting home to a frozen house, my head just about exploded.

I stayed up until about 9pm and then retired to bed. Unfortunately, while I did pass out to begin with, I didn't pass out for long enough. I woke up around 3am, then 4am, then 5am, and finally my alarm went off around 5:30.

So, now I'm going to go drink a cup of coffee in hopes that the headache was mainly caused from my lack of caffeine yesterday and not stress. Say a prayer because I have my hardest exam today, followed by quite a bit of baking and a performance tonight.

You have GOT to love exam time. Thank heavens this is my last fall semester of it!

p.s. This is the mug I shall be using this morning:

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