First winter storm

7:17 AM

Well, my winter wonderland turned into blizzard material rather quickly.

Now is when I would typically start telling you I hate snow.

But I can't do that...

Because I don't.

I can't help it. I still think the snow is absolutely beautiful. Now, if it's still like this Monday, we may have a problem considering I will have to get to class and Clark will have to get to work, and that's going to be rather impossible if the weather is the way it is.

I'm not good at driving in snow.

Yes, I am aware that I live in the mountains and it is basically required for me to know how. I know how... I just kind of get freaked out. I've never had an accident or anything, but not having a four wheel drive car always creates more problems when you live in a snowy area.

Yes, I am aware how ridiculous it is that we don't have a four wheel drive car.

A year ago around October we were buying our first car. It was rather exciting, considering we only had the minivan my parents had bequeathed us. Unfortunately for us, we had never experienced a winter in the Highland Country. What I mean to say, is we had never experienced how rough the winter is outside of Boone. We had plenty of mishaps and hiccups in Boone, but not as many as we had last winter. In Boone the bus was right there if I needed it, 90% of the roads were clear, and anyone who had a four wheel drive car was willing to come get me or Clark because we were in town.

Now we're outside of town. In fact, we're in a completely different town and county. How many people are willing to come get us? Well, I suppose we'll find that out when the weather is horrific and we try to call for help. Hopefully it will be more than last year, because our grand total hit two last year, I believe.

By the way, since I never mentioned it, we ended up with a VW Jetta. Yes, a Jetta. Front wheel drive, not four wheel drive, and not the most reliable thing. At the time we thought we were getting this amazing deal, little did we know we were truly being cheated because we were first-time buyers and since that last October we've put I don't know how much money into repairing our little car. Oh, well. You live and you learn, right?

We've started looking into trading the Jetta in. The van is pretty much a lost cause, and we actually need it more than the Jetta. It seems to do better in the weather, since it did live briefly in Minnesota and Indiana, I can understand why. Good 'ole Darla (that's the van's name) is rather reliable. So, Wendy (the Jetta), is looking at being traded in for a four wheel drive. The problem? Well, we just have to wait until something comes along that truly is a fabulous deal. Prayer, research, and more prayer is what's in store with that bit of our lives... as it is with just about every other bit.

Luna needs to go out and I'm really hoping the wind doesn't scare her. I tried to let her out about an hour ago and she refused to go outside due to the ridiculous wind and snow. She's a fan of the snow when it's just sitting there and she can run and prance in it, but otherwise she prefers to curl up in front of the fire. Kind of like her mommy!

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