Early Bird gets the Worm

7:05 AM

I've always been a morning person.

It's been that when I was a baby, my parents would walk into the room early in the morning and I'd be sitting up in my crib waiting with a smile on my face. I'm not sure if I'm remembering that correctly, or if they're remembering that correctly, but, still, that's what's been said.

However, as I've gotten older I've realized that the early bird doesn't always get the worm. In fact, if you want to have a social life in college at all, you pretty much need to be a Night Owl instead of an Early Bird.

This doesn't work for me.

It doesn't help that I got married young. When I don't want to go out at night, I have the perfect excuse: Clark.

"No, I need to stay home and spend time with Clark,"


"No, I promised Clark I'd cook tonight,"


"Sorry, Clark and I already have plans."

I have to admit I do this often. Most of the time my reasons are true, but sometimes they are spat our because I'm tired and don't want to admit that I'd like to crawl into bed at 9pm with a cup of hot tea and read, or talk to Clark, or just drift off to sleep early.

I can't help it.

Now, there are times where I can easily stay up if we have people over, or someones visiting, or we're visiting someone, or we're out to see a movie, or so on and so forth.

The problem is actually getting me into those situations. I'll sit there and think, "Well, if we don't go over there until eight, we're not leaving until at least ten, which means we won't get into bed until some time around eleven or twelve... I think we'll pass."

Yes, I do do that. It's not an exaggeration.

This happens most when we get close to the holidays, which is absolutely dreadful. College students are going out and celebrating the fact that it's almost Christmas break, that papers and exams have come to a close, and that they get to go home away from the mountain-weather for nearly a month. What am I doing? Putting up Christmas decorations, baking cookies, wrapping presents, and figuring out our budget and schedule for the Christmas "vacation."

Yes, it's different. I shouldn't complain. I have as much ability to be a Night Owl as all the other "kids," I just choose, instead, to be an Early Bird.

So, what am I doing this early Saturday morning?

I am making Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins (recipe to follow once they are finished), going over a budget, writing a paper, editing a short story, and being responsible so tonight I can curl up with a hot cup of tea and... study.

Life is good.

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