Chocolate Covered Strawberries

8:22 PM

Like my pumpkin pie disaster, my chocolate covered strawberries didn't work out very well. I have never used the quick-melt-candy-stuff, you see. I had always used a double-pan with boiling water underneath and chocolate chips melting in the top pan. This time I thought I'd take the easy route, which should always be a red flag.

Everything was going fine. As I was cooking my wild rice soup, I was melting the chocolate. In my opinion, though, it was too thick. It wasn't melting correctly. So, after some time, I decided to add water.

Bad idea.

Not only did it boil over and make a terrible mess, but it clumped up and made it nearly impossible to coat the strawberries.

Though, in the end, I made them work... they're not as pretty as wanted. However, I'm sure they taste fine. Just, to advice you, don't add water. Ever.

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