Baby, it's cold outside.

6:59 AM

So, the weather has not improved.

In fact, I think it's gotten worse.

Today is my last official day of classes, and I'm doing everything in my power to find the motivation to go. The thing is, I have to go. I have reviews, extra credit, and papers due, plus a meeting with a group that does a performance on Friday.

I have to go. There's no getting out of it.

I look outside and today it's just a disaster. The wind is blowing up to 50mph and the snow is drifting all over the place and I'm just... tired. All I want to do is stay in and finish the book that I started as a distraction yesterday.

Don't worry, I still got homework done. Just... not as much as I should have.

Tomorrow is reading day, and it is going to be absolutely filled to the brim with reviewing, studying, practicing, and so forth. Hopefully, though I can make time to do some extra reading, maybe bake... something that will distract me from the upcoming week full of exams.

I know, I really don't have it so bad. Let's see... today... Wednesday through Friday... next Monday... five days left, really? I think I can do that.

Just say a prayer that the wind takes a break when I need to go out and shovel the rest of the car out. Clark was a dear and did most of it for me, but he still suggested I leave 45 minutes earlier than usually.

If you live in a climate like I do, I hope you understand. Shoveling out the car and cleaning off the windshield can be gruesome, and sometimes it involves taking off your gloves to get the job done right. Well, if that's the case (or if you really don't have any sufficient gloves), I do have one suggestion: Eddie Bauer's Down Ice Scraper Mitts.

Down Ice Scraper Mitt | Eddie Bauer
(Click the link-- do it!)

These things are fantastic. I know they may seem silly and entirely pointless, but I assure you they're not. I really hate cleaning off the windshield, but the other day when I had to do it this thing kept my gloves from getting completely soaked and kept my hand extraordinarily warmer when doing the tedious work. This may sound like a sales pitch, but I promise it's worth your while to endue my ridiculousness and check it out! Clark bought me one and I kind of giggled at the gesture (yes, I really giggled), but then when I went to use it I understood.

I promise I will come home to a nice fire after and hot chocolate and have something special to post for you!

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