One of those days

5:15 PM

The title should say it all. Today has been one of those days. Those days that stick out like a sore thumb and make all the wonderful days you've had previously seem like a dream.

OK, maybe I'm being a bit over dramatic.

Let me face it: it hasn't been that bad. Just within the last 30 minutes it's seemed positively awful and all the good moments of today seem like dust in the wind.

Yes, I will stop being cheesy... or I'll stop being as cheesy as I can muster.

So, this morning I wasn't in my best of moods. Within this moment of stress and tension, I may have said some rather harsh things to my husband which were not called for at all. So, that started off the morning. Though things have been smoothed over and I groveled sufficiently (in my opinion, at least), it just didn't start the day off right.

Then, in Early American Literature I had to use the restroom for a good 30 minutes and it took my professor that long to get to his one point that he proposed within the first five minutes of class. Thirty minutes of constant babble and answering people's questions that had nothing to do with the topic. We went from, "Do you think Alexander Hamilton actually died in a duel," to "Well, federal bonds are like the stock market, in a sense," and so forth. WORST TANGENT MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THAT CLASS EVER! Or at least it seemed like it due to the fact that I desperately had to use the loo.

Then, in Oral Interpretation we found out that our presentation we've been working on for nearly two weeks is three minutes short of what it needs to be. I know that doesn't seem that long, but trying to find content that fills in holes here and there when you already have a good flow of things is difficult. The final presentation is a week from tomorrow and has to be completely memorized and... it has me frazzled, to say the least.


I parked in the parking deck this morning due to running behind because of groveling and doing last minute homework and all that jazz. I should also mention that I was driving the lesser of our two cars: a 1998 Mercury Villager Minivan. This particular van has a tendency to not unlock. So, normally we'll lock the car but leave the trunk unlocked or leave one of the doors unlocked or something that guarantees us the ability to get into the car. Due to my semi-frazzled state this morning, I remembered to lock the car... but neglected to leave one of the doors unlocked.

Do you see where this is going?

I get to the car with frozen finger tips (due to forgetting gloves and it being like 25 outside) and cannot get any of the doors open WITH the key. It doesn't matter how much I jiggle, if I use both my hands, or any sort of method-- it won't budge. I stood there for at least fifteen minutes looking like a total idiot trying to get in to my own car. It's quitting time, you see. Everyone is leaving the parking deck and heading home or what have you, and they're all trailing down (and of course I'm on the second floor where everyone passes) staring at me wondering what the heck the girl is doing to the minivan.

I call Clark.

Clark is thirty minutes away, supposedly heading out of town, and I call like a damsel in distress begging him to come and get me. This is not before I tried called two other friends with no success. Unfortunately, I do not have many friends with male counterparts, and therefore my choices were limited.

Clark is on his way. I'm the library sweating like a pig when it's 25 degrees outside, writing this blog, waiting for my prince on the white horse to come and save me.

Yes, I'm aware that I went back into cheesy mood and how horribly pathetic my situation is.

I hope your day has been much better than mine. Comment if to the contrary! I'd love to hear about your ridiculously awful day.

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