Need a stress reliever? Wrap presents!

12:31 PM

I am officially done with classes. I got up this morning, studied, and took my last exam online. Yes, it's kind of cheating. My professor told us we could use our notes, and I imagine she did that to clear the conscious of those who would have done it had she asked us not to. It would have been impossible to regulate, anyway, since we didn't meet in a computer lab as we were initially supposed to. I'm almost 100% sure I got an A. I'm not going to say 100 because people always make mistakes... even if they have notes sitting right next to them.

Anyway, with finishing up exams I was trying to figure out precisely what I was going to do with my time. I have a phone-date with a friend around two this afternoon, and I've already exercised, so I decided to wrap presents.

I LOVE wrapping presents. I get another look at what I bought everyone, and I get to sit there imagining what their reaction to the gift is going be. Now, I don't go all out with ribbon and super nice wrapping paper and all that jazz, but I do the best I can with what I have.

This year I didn't give in to buying the amazing Hallmark wrapping paper, but instead gave in to a $5 bundle at Walmart. Hey, I am NOT complaining. It has done its duty and is super cute. Just, for reference, if you do give in to the cheaper paper-- prepare to dedicate a little more time since the paper is a tiny more fragile.

However, if you are going all out and making a trip to the Hallmark store (and might I add that we are only 10 days away, so if you haven't bought gift-wrapping supplies you need to get a move on!), here are my personal favorites:

For someone who is always baking for gifts, these boxes are perfect! When I was in high school (and I do it now, too, more than often), I would always make goodie bags for my friends since I couldn't afford to do gifts for everyone. These are so perfect for that!

This is the Christmas Elegance Collection. They don't have all the specifics online, but this is typically my favorite sort of wrapping paper. It reminds me of when I was younger (and just last year), because the wrapping papers is definitely my mother's style. While I tend to buy some modern-looking paper to spice it up, I always have to have the classic plaid.

Now, since we're on the subject of Hallmark, if you need a seasonal gift to give anyone, ornaments are the way to go. I personally LOVE The Peanuts ornaments they have at Hallmark this year. This one is my absolute favorite:

This ornament actually sings! Well, you know, it has a recording. While this one is $28.95, it is definitely a memorable Christmas keepsake.

Well, that's all for now folks. Unfortunately a Chili and Cornbread recipe will not be coming as promised. We had to cancel plans Friday due to Clark's work schedule. However, there will be wonderful Vegetarian Penna Pasta, Bruschetta Appetizer, and Vegan Banana Blueberry Muffins recipes coming rather soon! Stay tuned!

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