Heading home... finally.

8:19 AM

After two days of being snowed in we are finally heading home. Though the roads may not be as clear as they should be for us to travel, I'm not sure it's wise for us to stay another day. We've been here for 2.5 days extra... and it's just time to head home.

I don't know how everybody is, but I'm a person who can only be around certain people for a certain length of time. Meaning, if I'm around a friend, or family, or Clark's family, for over five days or so... I start to get anxious. I have to get to my space with my things and just have a moment to sit back and breathe. That way, I can start up with whomever the next day again.

It's only natural, I think, for people to be this way. Usually if we're with people for an extended period of time we'll find ways to get away: go out to dinner by ourselves (meaning Clark and me), go out with friends, shut ourselves in our designated room for some quiet time-- anything. Unfortunately, most visits are jam packed with family time, especially if you haven't seen them in almost six months.

This visit has been phenomenal. With our extra time we got extra eating-outs with the family, a trip to see The Tourist, and quality time playing Cranium. I'm just ready to be home.

I promise posts of pictures and more when I am finally sitting at my own computer!

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