Sugar Cookie Sadness

1:40 PM

So, today I finally got around to frosting the sugar cookies. Normally I am able to use food dye and make the trees, stockings, bells, stars, and so forth multiple colors and true to Christmas design. Unfortunately, I did not predict how different it would be working with homemade frosting. Typically I can mix up the stuff in the plastic container and smoothly manipulate it over the cookies with a knife. Not so much with the homemade stuff.

With homemade frosting, if you would like to make your cookies detailed, I would suggest getting these:
Decorator Bottle Set: $12.00 from I personally have not used them yet, but I imagine they'll do a better job than my butter knife.

I must say, though, in my defense, I did wait until the last minute and I have a migraine. However, I do not want to pretend that I was expecting my cookies to turn out perfectly. Every cook makes mistakes, and I have plenty more to make in the future.

I hope, if you follow my recipes, your decorating works out better than mine. For another idea, though, I added peppermint sprinkles to my cookies. It gives them a little holiday zest!

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