December First Perfection

8:16 AM

I have to admit, I always complain about snow. OK, so I complain about a lot of things, but this blog is snow specific.

As mentioned in a previous blog (Christmas: A Guilty Pleasure), I tend to start celebrating Christmas relatively early. It is usually because we have an early snow and suddenly I'm ready for the season. This year, surprisingly, we only had one early snow and it was at the very beginning of November. Now, however, it is December first and it is snowing.

This, to me, is perfect.

I often tend to tell people that I only like snow from December first to January first. It is a time for there to be cold, hot chocolate and marshmallows, snowmen and snow angels, snow ball fights, curling up next to a warm fire, and so forth. It's "The Season." However, considering we live in the mountains, it tends to always snow before December.

Last year it started snowing the day after Thanksgiving and didn't stop until March. No joke. It was constant. There may have been a few rain storms here and there mixed in, but ultimately it was snow, snow, and more snow.

This year, however, we only had that one early snow and now we have snow in December. How wonderful is this?

I was complaining around Thanksgiving time that it was too warm and not like it has been in the past. Go figure. In the past I complained it was too cold and too early for snow, and this year I complained it was too warm and I was ready for snow.

No. I will never make up my mind.

Well, since we have had our first real snow on December first, I am going to make an effort to not complain the rest of the season. Car accidents, if any, or car incidents are exceptions to the effort. Just saying in case it happens and you attempt to hold me accountable.

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