Pier 1 Magic

8:05 AM

I have always been a stickler for Pottery Barn. I think I get this unhealthy obsession from my mother and my older sister. Unfortunately, it's not in my price range, as I'm sure it isn't for many.

After my melt down the other evening of wanting new stockings and a Christmas tree skirt, my husband told me to do some research for something affordable. That's the key word: affordable. Affordable for us is much different than affordable for some.

First I found these lovelies from Pottery Barn:

Channel Velvet Quilted Tree Skirt: $129

Hand-Knit Bell Stocking: $29 each

Unfortunately, these are not as affordable as we need them to be. No, they are not badly priced, and they would last a lifetime as far as I'm concerned, but we have to think to-scale as of right now.

So, next I checked out LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Target... and I just couldn't find anything that quite matched what I had found on Pottery Barn.

Then I got on to Pier 1.

As my mom has observed, Pier 1 is like a cheaper Pottery Barn. Just as cute, just as stylish, just as... well... everything I would say.

I found these AFFORDABLE things on Pier 1:

Plaid & Reindeer Tree Skirt: $40

Plaid & Reindeer Stockings: $14.95 each

They may not be quite as "classic", but they excited me just as much as those from Pottery Barn. So, if your stalkings and such are a little worn down and you're looking for a cheaper way to spruce up your Christmas decorations: Pier 1 is the place to go!

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  1. So cute! I love what you've picked from both PB and Pier 1 ... We're in need of a tree skirt, too. I've had my eye on this one for a few seasons now: http://bit.ly/hM8bj7 Maybe this will be the year, but I'm thinking I'm going to try to find a more affordable option, too.

  2. That's the other one I love from Pottery Barn! At least it's more affordable than the one I posted above. I'd say it's inbetween that one and the Pier 1 skirt I picked out.